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Noreen gives you the ultimate proof of your diamonds’ authenticity. Each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity detailing the diamonds’ origin and specifications.

At Noreen, we only work with suppliers who themselves are subject to strict certification protocols. They are all required to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

What is KPCS? It is a strictly regulated process that compels suppliers to produce written guarantees for all supplied diamonds. This also ensures that the diamonds aren’t sourced illegitimately or from any of the conflict areas. Insisting on working solely with KPCS suppliers, Noreen is dedicated to providing you with authentic diamonds that are entirely conflict-free.

“My highest values in life are being honest, true to myself and respectable to others. I believe in myself and I honour those around me. And the jewellery I create is a way for me to express that respect.”

Noreen - Founder and Creative Director, Noreen London


With Noreen, you can be sure you are dealing with an expert jewellery designer and craftsmen who are passionate about their work and fully transparent when it comes to making jewellery. 

Whenever you purchase jewellery designed by Noreen, you get in possession of a piece of superb British craftsmanship. All of Noreen’s collections are designed and made entirely in the UK. The London workshop employs craftsmen who specialise in different stages of the manufacturing process. We meticulously handcraft all our jewellery and by doing that, ensure each piece is finished to the highest possible standard.

Our manufacturing process honours the same strict rules followed by royal jewellery makers throughout the ages. It starts with processing raw materials. A single piece of precious metal is first hand rolled with mills and pulled through draw plates. It is then filed, ground, and tooled. The finished handmade model undergoes jewellery polishing to prepare it for stone setting. Once the model is polished, expert stone setters hand cut seats into prongs and metal walls to support the gems. Finally, the stones are seated and meticulously secured, once again by the hands of a master stone setter.

All our jewellery is hallmarked at London’s Assay Office, while all our rings feature the town mark of London, the Leopard’s head. You are always welcome to view them in person in the London workshop.

As a brand, we are driven by constant innovation and first-rate craftsmanship. That makes Noreen the very embodiment of outstanding British design.

“My passion is to create precious jewellery that makes my customers feel whole. Each piece is a piece of art. Unique. Purposeful. Expressing all of me.”

Noreen - Founder and Creative Director, Noreen London