Jewellery Care Guide

Over time product build up and dirt can make diamonds lose their sparkle, and metal look dull. A diamond’s sparkle originates from light entering, travelling to the bottom and reflecting back to the eye. To ensure your Jewellery continues to sparkle bright, look great and stand the test of time, it’s essential to properly maintain it. High level of care will help you to enjoy your product for many years to come. 

NOREEN has created this guide, full of helpful Jewellery care instructions to ensure you know how to keep your Jewellery looking as good as the day it was received.


  1. Always try to store your jewellery in its original packaging or a purpose made jewellery box or pouch.
  2. Avoid wearing your jewellery when exercising, taking part in sporting activities or gardening, to prevent knocking or scratching. 
  3. Leave Jewellery in a safe and secure place when swimming or using a hot tub. Chlorine isn’t kind when it comes into contact with gold and can discolor and even damage the metal if it is regularly submerged.
  4. Avoid contact with hard or rasping surfaces.
  5. Always remember to remove your jewellery when cleaning. If you are not wearing protective gloves while using cleaning products, such as bleach or everyday cleaning spray, then it’s a good idea to remove all Jewellery to avoid discoloration or damage. Ensure you wash your hands before putting gold or diamond rings back on after cleaning.
  6. Always remember to remove rings in the bath or shower, especially when applying soap or other body products as they can leave a film on the jewellery and cause further build up to occur, dulling diamonds over time. It’s also a good opportunity to let your skin breathe.
  7. Avoid wearing your Jewellery while applying creams to ensure it doesn’t get behind the diamond or between the prongs, causing build up and dullness. It’s also a good idea to apply hairspray, make up and perfume before putting Jewellery on as this can also over time cause tarnish on the prongs, clasps and bands holding.
  8. Check regularly for signs of wear and tear as stone settings can become loose over time.


  1. Mix a small amount of liquid detergent (washing up liquid) with warm water in a bowl. Put the jewellery into the bowl and leave it to soak for approx. 20-30 minutes.
  2. Use a soft bristle brush to clean your Jewellery and some warm water to get in between the prongs holding your diamond in place, as well as gently scrubbing off any dirt or build up on the stone itself. 
  3. Remove the item of soapy water and rinse under warm running water.
  4. Use a soft polishing cloth to dry the piece. 

  • Be cautious with ultrasonic cleaners - While these devices are excellent at removing dirt and grime build up on diamonds, the vibrating fluid they create can also cause diamonds to move and loosen in their clasps.
  • Keep the brush separate from your other cleaning brushes and only use it to clean your jewellery.
  • Never use toothpaste. Toothpaste is an abrasive substance, designed to keep your tough teeth enamel clean; on gold, it can cause a great deal of damage.


Remove the pendant from the necklace and if the stone or embellishments are attached, take a damp, clean cloth and gently wipe this over the pendant to remove any dirt build up. The chain can be unclasped and left into the above mentioned mixture to soak. This should lift any dirt or residue and once removed also wipe this over with NOREEN’s polishing cloth – remember to be extra careful if you have a fine chain.


For hygiene reasons, we recommend that between wears you take an alcohol swab and clean the earring hooks that sit between your piercing. To clean the earrings themselves, if they feature prongs and diamonds, grab that soft toothbrush and warm water and gently remove any dirt or residue. Dry with a soft cloth and your earrings should be sparkling and ready to wear.


 We recommend having your diamond ring cleaned and inspected on an annual basis. Inspections may help prevent the loss of a stone and extend the life of your Jewellery. NOREEN offers this cleaning and inspection service complimentary to all our diamond ring customers. We only request that the customer pays for shipping. If you require a repair to your ring mounting this can be done at the same time but this will bare a cost. 


​​​​​​Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

NOREEN warrants that all items it produces will be free from manufacturing defects for the life of the products. 

At any time if you believe your item has a manufacturing defect, we invite you to visit us or kindly return your item for a detailed inspection by our production team. If we determine your purchase is damaged due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product or, if we deem appropriate, will replace it. If your item is no longer available we may at our discretion offer a similar replacement or allow a refund equal to the purchase price of the original item.

If we determine that the damage is not caused by a NOREEN’s manufacturing defect, then we will notify you immediately and let you know the relevant repair services cost. 


The Manufacturer Warranty and Complimentary Services are available only to the person who purchased the product directly from NOREEN.
  1. Any maintenance, repair, re-sizing or other service performed by someone other than NOREEN will void your Manufacturer Warranty.
  2. We do not provide warranties for damage due to normal wear, product loss, loss of stones or theft. Damage or loss that results from failure to obtain repairs necessary to maintain the integrity of the product are also not covered.
While most people find it takes a little bit of time to adjust to wearing a fine piece of Jewellery, we recommend you follow the care instructions provided.


  1. Dents, knicks and scratches are inevitable and are not considered a defect
  2. Discolouration due to exposure to chemicals, make-up, swimming pools, hot tubs or bathing
  3. Rings that have been damaged or misshapen as a result of “hands-on” activities, such as weight-lifting, rock climbing, gardening, DIY etc. This includes cases where damage results in loss of stones.
  4. Claws and precious metals, in general, wear over time and may require “building up” or restoration work as normal wear.
  5. Bent, caught or worn out claw(s) allowing a stone to fall out or be lost due to normal wear or other damage.
  6. Lost stone or a stone has fallen out due to chipping or breaking caused by normal wear or other damage.
  7. Rings that have special finishes, such as matte, sandblast or satin (among others) are particularly prone to natural wear, which will affect the appearance of the finish over time.
  8. Anything abrasive making contact with the ring will affect the finish. For example, workshops sometimes even use washing up pads to create a matt finish – that is how easy it is to alter a ring’s appearance.
  9. Other hand-dominant activities like contact sports, getting out of a swimming pool or your ring making contact with hard surfaces such as keys or door handles will also contribute to a ring’s finish changing its appearance over time.
  10. While it is possible to have a ring returned to us so that its original finish can be restored, for any special finish (other than “polished”), our warranty does not cover the cost of re-doing the finish. We can quote you on the cost of re-creating the finish.