Discovery of Passion

My first love for creating jewellery was discovered one Sunday afternoon, I would sit by my parents' fireplace and eagerly tune in to a programme called The Clothes Show Live. The show was all about fashion. 

My motivation stemmed from a desire to stand out from the crowd after also seeing same mass-produced offerings available on the High Street during The Clothe Show Live. 

I yearned to showcase my individuality and unique identity, believing that everyone in the world possesses their own distinct personality and expressions. 

Driven by this belief, I set out on a mission to create exceptional jewellery pieces. At first there was a lot of rejection because I was bringing my heritage into jewellery design. The design and use of colour were not that common and that was the point of difference at that time. 

I packed my sample pieces into a small suitcase and set out on foot to knock on every door along the local High Street, asking residents to buy my creations. Despite facing a lot of rejection, I remained determined to fulfil my dream and refused to accept "no" for an answer. 

After encountering numerous setbacks, I altered my strategy and implemented a sale or return approach, which ultimately proved to be highly successful.

Quest for Individuality

Observing the positive reception of my products by retailers, I decided to establish concessions, leading me to venture into online selling in 2006 I launched my own website despite encountering numerous difficulties and challenges. 

As a result of the innovative approach I had implemented within the jewellery industry and the appeal of my designs, I received an offer to buy out my company.

As my journey continued, I was faced with lots of highs and lows but along the way somewhere I lost myself.

In 2016 my story began again at the Qatar airport lounge on my way to, yet another important industry jewellery show I was to attend.

The Star

That’s the moment the star first appeared to me. When I finally understood its purpose and power.

I was blessed to have the life I was leading at the time, already an award- winning jewellery designer based in London, and ambitious. I had racked up industry awards, and the right people were taking notice of me. The life I had led up to that point was everything I had dreamed since childhood.

Or so I thought.

In my youth, the local goldsmith would visit my parents’ home in Pakistan. He would show my mother scrapbook designs with beautiful rubies and gemstones. 

Not having the luxury of chairs and sofas growing up, we would sit on the floor where my mother would place orders for bangles. We didn’t have a lot of money, but I was already becoming enriched through an exchange of culture.

Now, as I stare at the five-pointed star design in the airport lounge, I can’t stop thinking of those childhood memories. 

The more I stare at the star, the more mesmerizing it is to me. I am lost in thought, transported through time and space. 

A certain sadness washes over me. I can’t explain it. Like the star is peering into my soul. As if to say something fundamental is missing in my life. 

Reconnecting with Heritage

It was then I realized I had given up the richness of my heritage in exchange for a successful career. 

I had been so busy keeping up with trends in jewellery design, always concerned what my competitors were doing, that I lost the essential reason what jewellery had meant to me since childhood.

The star helped me find my why again. It was never lost, just buried.  Since that day, the star has followed me through life’s trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

My business was in shambles, but my newfound faith in the star helped guide me through whatever difficulties awaited.

When you find your star in life, everything changes. Nothing will ever be the same. It is an undeniable truth you must explore and hold onto once found. What was another awaking for me all along my name played an important
part with the discovery of the star.

Meaning within the name

My name Noreen means "Ray of Light," which was given to me in honour of my grandfather, who was named Noor Mohammed. Noor means "Ray of Light"

My grandfather passed away the day after I was born. The family, aware of my grandfather's deep anticipation to learn about the new addition to the family, decided to name me Noreen after him, carrying on his legacy of generosity and leadership. 

My grandfather was a compassionate man, a successful businessman, and a prominent figure within the family, known for his extensive charitable contributions to those in need, often in anonymity. Following in his footsteps, I have continued the tradition of giving back, embodying the essence of a "Ray of Light" in her philanthropic endeavours.

You must shine the light on yourself, and become who you desire to be.

Find your inner light. 

And help others find theirs. ✨