Heritage Design 

Welcome to the cultural jewellery revolution. Empowering Islamic heritage through jewellery design. 

“My core mission is to uplift women, both Muslim and non-Muslim through Islamic-inspired jewellery, art, design and education”.

We are connected by the Star of Islam to our Past, Present, And Future.

Islamic art encompasses a wide range of forms, including architecture, ceramics, textiles, and manuscripts and often reflects the interconnectedness of diverse cultures within the Islamic world. The art is known for its emphasis on abstraction and decoration, often intertwining spiritual and artistic expression in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.


Design Journey

Welcome to my design process, which begins with a deep dive into Islamic Art. I am particularly drawn to the captivating beauty of Islamic geometric patterns and the remarkable craftsmanship behind it. The intricate patterns and artistic details often appear to transcend human ingenuity. Moreover, the vibrant colours evoke strong emotions within me and establish a profound connection to the era in which the art originated.

Surrounded by my books, which have been discovered over the years on Islamic Art and gemstones, I immerse myself in the stories of their rediscovery. Delving into the past through meditation and reflection, I let my emotions shape the present. Whether during moments of meditation or quiet periods throughout the day, designs come to me, inspired with in depth beauty and love. Allowing myself the space to process historical discoveries and the newfound emotions, I aim to use these connections to empower women through jewellery design. I find comfort in long walks and moments of introspection, quieting my mind to allow the designs to flow to me and create something more than jewellery.


Creative process

I dedicate hours in my hand-drawn sketches, turning simple initial drawings into intricate, vibrant works of art. I strive to establish a deep emotional connection with each drawing, and only once I feel that connection am I able to approve the artwork. This is where the captivating art takes shape, as the sketches are brought to life through 3-D printing to produce the initial samples. These samples undergo meticulous inspection before being sent for handcrafting in the selected materials.



With Noreen, you can be sure you are dealing with an expert jewellery designer and craftsmen who are passionate about their work and fully transparent when it comes to making jewellery. 

Whenever you purchase jewellery designed by Noreen, you get in possession of a piece of superb British craftsmanship. All of Noreen’s collections are designed and made entirely in the UK. The London workshop employs craftsmen who specialise in different stages of the manufacturing process. We meticulously handcraft all our jewellery and by doing that, ensure each piece is finished to the highest possible standard.

All our jewellery is hallmarked at London’s Assay Office, while all our rings feature the town mark of London, the Leopard’s head. You are always welcome to view them in person in the London workshop.

As a brand, we are driven by constant innovation and first-rate craftsmanship. That makes Noreen the very embodiment of outstanding British design.

“My passion is to create precious jewellery that makes my customers feel whole. Each piece is a piece of art. Unique. Purposeful.” 



Receive your jewellery in a box made specifically for the piece you purchase from us. At Noreen, we care about both uniqueness and sustainability.

We work with the best craftsmen and sustainable luxury partners to bring those values to life and make your entire experience unique.

Our craftsmen use the upcycled materials we obtain from our sustainable luxury partners and craft each box by hand. Thanks to the craftsmen’s skills, even the finest details, such as hand stitching of materials, are executed to perfection.

Each box we make for you features our signature colour, forest green. We have chosen this colour to present your jewellery to you because it is the colour of balance and prosperity. It restores depleted energy and gives strength to achieve an equilibrium of thoughts and emotions. Making you the best possible version of yourself.

As a responsible brand, we also believe in minimising our impact on the environment. To make all our packaging sustainable, we work with sustainable luxury partners who supply us with 60 to 100 percent upcycled natural materials. We are aware of our responsibilities to protect the future of our planet and our societies, which is why we choose to adopt a socially fair and ecologically tolerable strategy.

After all, by working solely with the best craftsmen and creating a box for you that is truly one of a kind, we make sustainable feel more luxurious than ever. And your jewellery box another expression of what makes you like no other.