Fair Trade Gold 

With Noreen, you can be sure the jewellery you purchase is made exclusively from Fairtrade Gold. This means it is ethically sourced and responsibly crafted.

What is Fairtrade Gold certification? It is the world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold. It is devised to consider all the conditions in which gold is sourced and crafted, including working conditions, health and safety, women’s rights, child labour and environmental impact.

As a result, gold certified to Fairtrade standards provides communities with better living and working conditions. By using exclusively Fairtrade gold, Noreen ensures all the jewellery you purchase from us is responsibly manufactured, both environmentally and socially. 

“Taking care of the environment is our responsibility. What is more, when you treat nature and people with respect and care, you bring light into the beautiful world we live in. It brings you happiness.” Noreen Mirza 


As a responsible jewellery brand, Noreen only works with suppliers that themselves follow strict certification protocols and government regulations. By doing this, we ensure all the diamonds and Gemstones you purchase from us are ethically sourced. It is also ensured that no part of the mining process has a negative impact on the area’s environment, wildlife, or population. To the contrary, policies for fair labour and infrastructure development in the areas from which we obtain our stones even work in favour of the communities that populate them.

We are a responsible jewellery brand committed to promoting and protecting ethical, social, and environmental practices. And we want you to rest assured that by purchasing our jewellery, you are being environmentally and socially responsible too.


Noreen’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions extends throughout every stage of our product's life cycle. This comprehensive approach includes sourcing materials, manufacturing processes, shipping, and even the way we display our jewellery. By transitioning to the use of recycled materials in our jewellery, we have taken a significant step forward in our efforts to minimize our environmental impact.

The strides we have made in reducing our carbon emissions are already evident, but we are steadfast in our pursuit of a long-term goal: achieving a full net-zero status. This means that we are working to ensure that the total amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere is completely offset by the amount we are able to remove. It's an ambitious objective, but one that aligns with our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability.

By prioritizing the reduction of our carbon footprint and striving for net-zero status, we are actively contributing to the global effort to combat climate change and protect the environment for future generations. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability underscores our belief in responsible business practices and our dedication to making a positive impact on the world around us.

“Sustainability is both our legacy and our future. It is our brand’s ethos to protect the beauty of the world, nurture its people and duly conduct our business with utmost care.” -Noreen Mirza