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Receive your jewellery in a box made specifically for the piece you purchase from us. At Noreen, we care about both uniqueness and sustainability.

We work with the best craftsmen and sustainable luxury partners to bring those values to life and make your entire experience unique.

Every time we make a jewellery box, we at Noreen plant a tree in your name. Along with your jewellery, you receive a certificate with the tree’s species and serial number. This way, if you ever wanted to, you could visit the Alladale Wilderness Reserve and see your tree grow in a Scottish forest surrounded by rugged mountains and dreamy lochs.


We at NOREEN believe growth and social involvement are important in life. That is why we have partnered with Carbon Managers to bring you the gift of having grown something that wasn’t there before – your very own tree.


What is your box’s journey? Since we make it specifically for the jewellery you purchase from us, we first take the jewellery’s measurements in the London workshop. Those are sent to our craftsmen in London, who specialise in the delicate art of jewellery box making.

Our craftsmen use the upcycled materials we obtain from our sustainable luxury partners and craft each box by hand. Thanks to the craftsmen’s skills, even the finest details, such as hand stitching of leather, are executed to perfection. 

Each box we make for you features our signature colour, forest green. We have chosen this colour to present your jewellery to you because it is the colour of balance and prosperity. It restores depleted energy and gives strength to achieve an equilibrium of thoughts and emotions. Making you the best possible version of yourself.

When you receive your box, you are drawn into a story created just for you. In it, you find information on your jewellery’s journey from beginning to end, along with all the accompanying certificates. At Noreen, we care about presenting your piece to you in a way that matches its beauty and uniqueness.

As a responsible brand, we also believe in minimising our impact on the environment. To make all our packaging sustainable, we work with sustainable luxury partners who supply us with 60 to 100 percent upcycled natural materials. We are aware of our responsibilities to protect the future of our planet and our societies, which is why we choose to adopt a socially fair and ecologically tolerable strategy.

After all, by working solely with the best craftsmen and creating a box for you that is truly one of a kind, we make sustainable feel more luxurious than ever. And your jewellery box another expression of what makes you like no other.