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Have a piece of fine jewellery created just for you. At Noreen, we design and make bespoke creations that are the embodiment of what makes you – unmistakably you.
To help you express yourself through jewellery like never before, we have created a special process. You yourself are an integral part of that journey from its beginning to end.

It all starts with you in conversation with Noreen, our founder and creative director. Noreen always likes to begin by asking what you are looking for in a piece of jewellery. She has a special set of questions aimed at gaining a better understanding of your unique personality. After all, it is not about the designer, it is about you and the ultimate expression of your own story.

Based on your answers, a mood board is created to visually represent the inspiration Noreen draws from your personality and your story.
The mood board then serves Noreen as guidance through the creation of hand sketches for your bespoke piece. The designing process is complete when she uses the sketches to create meticulous technical drawings.

Finally, the technical drawings are used to finish crafting your bespoke piece. This is done in the London workshop by highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about breathing life into your vision.

The possibilities are endless. Your bespoke piece can be made to evoke a memory, remind of a personal victory, or commemorate a special occasion.

As the creative director and your personal designer, Noreen is there to guide you through the entire process, from drawing the initial sketches to crafting of the piece itself. She even helps you select the highest quality stones for your creation, educating you on diamonds, their types, origin and crafting process. No questions remain unanswered and no parts of your vision omitted from the final design.

Reach out to us regarding our bespoke service and together we will create something that is at the same time unique, personal, and worthy of passing on to future generations. The true, unapologetic expression of you.


Get the piece that no one else will have the chance to wear. We at Noreen create jewellery that celebrates uniqueness, but some of our designs are only ever made once.

Within this range, you will find the piece that was made just for you and no one else. One unique design, never repeated.

Our One Of A Kind jewellery is not just comprised solely of unique designs but boasts the highest quality materials and superb craftsmanship. All our stones are hand-selected to capture the most light, and hand set to look their very best. Thanks to our expertise and drive to make you shine as bright as you can, we at Noreen make no compromises when it comes to our creations. The level of quality and finish will surpass even your highest expectations, allowing you to enjoy the stunning beauty for years to come.

Each piece is designed by Noreen with you in mind. Each piece is unmistakably you.


Tell your unique story with a piece from our Limited Edition range. At Noreen, we are dedicated to creating jewellery that speaks to you and about you.

To keep reminding you of how special you truly are, we keep our collections strictly limited. To achieve that, we create only fifty pieces for each of them, regardless of how sought after they are. It is not just because creating a work of art takes a lot of time and effort. After all, there is no rushing perfection. It is also because we believe in keeping all our pieces unique. Because you deserve to wear jewellery that celebrates what makes you like no other.

Even our jewellery boxes are unique, each made specifically for the piece you purchase from us. They are handmade by craftsmen who specialise in creating boxes that match the beauty of the jewellery they contain. To create yours, they use your jewellery’s measurements provided to them by the London workshop. So that even the box in which you receive your piece celebrates you and no one else.

Because you are unique. You are unmistakably you.