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Diamonds are forever, and you want yours to be just perfect. Do you want a large Asscher or a one-carat Marquise? Whatever your vision, Noreen’s role as your diamond expert is to turn it into reality. Share your tastes with Noreen and we at Noreen will source the perfect diamond for you – one that is just to your liking, of exceptional quality, certified, traceable and conflict free.



Being the most sparkling and versatile, the Round Brilliant cut is the buyer’s first choice more than half the time. While its shape will never go out of style, its cut offers the most brilliance.


Designed in the 1970s, the Princess cut combines the best of two worlds – the evergreen elegance of classic shapes and the striking sharpness of modern cuts.


Worn by Grace Kelly herself, the Emerald cut is one of the oldest and most desirable. Its large table and striking ‘hall of mirrors’ effect make it at once unique and mesmerizing.


Boasting both the ‘hall of mirrors’ effect and incredible lustre, the Asscher cut is among the most stunning shapes. Higher crown and smaller table can be thanked for its striking brilliance.


Sometimes referred to as Teardrop, the Pear cut is one of the most sophisticated shapes. The gentle curve ending in a single point makes it simple and stunning at the same time.


Being the first square diamond with a brilliant cut, the Radiant cut makes for the most dramatic choice. The combination of shape and numerous facets results in a vibrant diamond.


Boasting the sparkle of a Round Brilliant, the Oval cut could be called its rarer, more modern version. Its elegant, elongated shape creates the illusion that the diamond is bigger than it actually is.


Also referred to as Pillow, the Cushion cut has been around for two centuries. Still, it is one of the rarest choices, making it both special and valuable.


As the unmistakable symbol of love, the Heart cut is the perfect choice for the romantic. Since the shape can be hard to make out in smaller diamonds, it is recommended to go higher than .50 carats.


Being both sophisticated and striking, the Marquise cut is made to impress. Its shape makes the fingers appear more slender, while the optimized carat weight makes the stone appear bigger.


All of Noreen’s diamonds come with a laser inscription on the diamond itself, Independent Grading Report, and counterfeit-proof Certificate of Authenticity. Upon purchase, you are also provided with a Unique Diamond Identification Number, allowing you to trace your diamond’s journey all the way to the mine. As a responsible jewellery brand, Noreen only works with suppliers that themselves follow strict regulations, so the diamonds you purchase from us are all conflict free