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Meet the designer, noreen

I am NOREEN. NOREEN is the unapologetic expression of me.

My passion is to create precious jewellery that makes my customers feel whole.

Each piece is a piece of art. Unique. Purposeful. Expressing all of me.

NOREEN is my story. The story of empowerment. Of living the life I want, with no limits.

I am proud of who I am. But only by expressing my true self, I can inspire, shining my light on others.

I go my own way, creating a legacy. Unapologetically. Fearless. Against all odds. I am unmistakably me.



You are like no other. You are unmistakably you. And Noreen was created to be the unapologetic expression of you.

Its very name is the perfect evocation of what we are all about – celebrating the whole of you. Noreen is the name of our founder and creative director, as well as a name meaning ray of light. Because Noreen’s purpose is to create designs to bring out the radiance you have within you. Empowering you to shine your light on yourself and those around you, unapologetically. Just like a diamond.

Being one of a kind, you deserve jewellery that sets you apart. To create a unique identity, Noreen incorporates our signature diamond star into all her designs. A diamond star shines always and forever, celebrating your own light through both the finest materials and the most powerful symbolism. Because you are worthy of the attention our jewellery brings you. Because a star is what you are.

All of Noreen’s jewellery is unique. It is made with the highest artistic expression in mind, so it can be a worthy reflection of your life’s journey.

Never apologise. Express who you are.

You are unmistakably you.


Noreen is an award-winning British jewellery designer, whose creations adorn celebrities and international royalty.

Her natural rapport, deep understanding of individual needs, and ability to express those in her timeless pieces of art, had led to key client and celebrity endorsements in both America and the UK. Noreen’s work is frequently featured in the press around the world.

In pursuing her passion, Noreen has founded one of the world’s most innovative and empowering fine jewellery brands – NOREEN. 

She acts as the brand’s Creative Director, utilizing her expertise and wealth of experience in creating bespoke pieces, high jewellery, and fine jewellery collections.

Driven by a need to shape the world into a more beautiful place, Noreen undertakes philanthropic duties with HRH The Prince of Wales. She is committed to working with “Mosaic”, a Prince of Wales charity aimed at mentoring young people to fulfil their potential.

Noreen holds a Business degree from Kingston University London, and is a diamond expert and gemologist certified by the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls. 

Noreen is also the winner of the “Innovative Women of the Year” award, which was presented to her at the International Women of Excellence Awards in 2008.