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We are sustainable | We are traceable


With Noreen, you can be sure the jewellery you purchase is made exclusively from Fairtrade Gold. This means it is ethically sourced and responsibly crafted.

What is Fairtrade Gold certification? It is the world’s first independent ethical certification system for gold. It is devised to consider all the conditions in which gold is sourced and crafted, including working conditions, health and safety, women’s rights, child labour and environmental impact.

As a result, gold certified to Fairtrade standards provides communities with better living and working conditions. By using exclusively Fairtrade gold, Noreen ensures all the jewellery you purchase from us is responsibly manufactured, both environmentally and socially.

“Taking care of the environment is our responsibility. What is more, when you treat nature and people with respect and care, you bring light into the beautiful world we live in. It brings you happiness.”

Noreen - Founder and Creative Director, Noreen London 


Noreen allows you to trace your diamonds’ entire journey and make sure it is not sourced from a conflict area. We make this possible by only ever using traceable diamonds.

To trace your diamonds’ entire journey, from the mine itself all the way to the London workshop, you only need to use the included Unique Diamond Identification Number. The mines from which we obtain our diamonds are located in Canada, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. There they are all tracked and analysed to meet specific quality standards.

As a responsible jewellery brand, Noreen only works with suppliers that themselves follow strict certification protocols and government regulations. By doing this, we ensure all the diamonds you purchase from us are ethically sourced. It is also ensured that no part of the mining process has a negative impact on the area’s environment, wildlife, or population. To the contrary, policies for fair labour and infrastructure development in the areas from which we obtain our diamonds even work in favour of the communities that populate them.

Apart from the Unique Diamond Identification Number, all of Noreen’s diamonds come with a laser inscription on the diamond itself, Independent Grading Report, and counterfeit-proof Certificate of Authenticity. 

We are a responsible jewellery brand committed to promoting and protecting ethical, social, and environmental practices. And we want you to rest assured that by purchasing our jewellery, you are being environmentally and socially responsible too.

“Sustainability is both our legacy and our future. It is our brand’s ethos to protect the beauty of the world, nurture its people and duly conduct our business with utmost care.” 

Noreen - Founder and Creative Director, Noreen London